Knife Throwing Instinctive One Spin Tutorial Level 1

Guys, I figured I’d post a real quick instinctive one spin tutorial video. A guy asked me to do it and I’d be more than happy. So instinctively, I’m just looking at my target. If I’m up close, I hold it like this; hammer grip. And it’ll just come out of my hand normal. Let it slide out and do one flip.

Now if I’m closer; half a grip. And then when I go farther away. I’m doing this grip. And just letting it slide out of my hands because putting your thumb on top will retard the spin a little bit. I’m sure you guys are all familiar with the one spin throw just with the hand. It would you be something like this. But, combatively, I can throw no spin really easy from an engagement range and that translates out. Now if you go back farther I’ll do it real quick once spin you know almost flipping it.

I mean I’m accelerating the flip of that knife kind of like I’ve been practicing here with all of these meters and these flips. But as you go back a little further you just hold that knife for the full hammer grip. And it becomes. A little bit slower spin. As I go back further I put my thumb on top. You see that slows down that flip. Still makes one spin. But it retards that flip. Now you can go back from there a little further if you put your finger on top like that. On the side as well as the top. That’ll slow it down a little bit more than just your thumb. But I’m about 19, 20, 21, 22 feet in that area you can one spin it no problem.

1 thought on “Knife Throwing Instinctive One Spin Tutorial Level 1”

  1. Clarence Bennett

    Great video with the little chicken cameo. I have great respect for your real world practical knife throwing. In your video what knife was being used, did not look like your saber tooth. Clarence

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