The No Spin Knife Throwing Tutorial Secrets

I’m going to give you guys the no spin tutorial secrets. Certain no spin has to be done with a certain knife, meaning if a knife gets too long, you have too much weight out here and you’re throwing over the top of that.

Meaning if you have a knife that’s long and you throw no spin, you have to loft this push. So the basis of no spin is when the knife comes out, it wants to spin. I have to equalize the rotational forward force with the cancellation of that, letting my finger slide down the back.

So when it’s coming out of my hand, it’s pushing my finger down the spine. I do a little bit different grip. I have a knuckleball grip and this is it, real close. That’s my grip. And that’s the grip that I use because it keeps my arms straight. Keeps my hand straight from my arm.

Other grips are like this. People do this. We’ve got there’s a bunch of grips. But basically, the action of it is when it’s going across when I’m throwing; I’m pushing and swiping. So what that looks like is a push and swipe just like that. As that backs up you get a push into that swipe.

Think of it like this, I’m taking my finger and swiping straight vertically down the spine of the knife as it comes out. So as the knife is coming, not overhead, but forward and swipe. So I’m pushing a little bit forward, not quite so overhand, a little bit forward and swiping.

As that finger comes off, I’m following through really hard. Like if I were to take my finger and swipe down the body of my target, so to speak. So if you look closely, the swipe. I keep my fingers shaped like that, I don’t open my hands, but I’m doing a knuckleball. If anyone knows baseball throws, I’m doing a one finger knuckleball because that lowers the knife and kicks it over in my hand. Keeping my arms straight instead of like this where my wrist is curved a little bit. I do a group like that. So that’s your pro tip for the day? No spin knife throwing.

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