Knife Throwing vs Bullet Proof Vest

And this test you’re about to see on a bulletproof vest was given to me by an officer friend of mine so we can ballistically test the physics of what a knife does versus a bullet. Now, this vest will stop 762X25, 12 gauge slug with the plate. So, again, this is for science. Know your concealment, know your cover and know what keeps you safe.

Not so easy to get through.

So the results of this test are the body armor itself holds no protection. The soft plate and the vest, it goes right through.

You can see this hard plate I’m getting through a little bit, but in soft tissue, that absorbs would be fine.

But this plate and this soft plate will not likely stop a full-on stab, something to take into consideration with the physics of the bulletproof vest and how it catches bullets versus the tip of a knife.

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