Knife Throwing VS Level 3 Ceramic Plate

What’s up guys, proknifethrower. Today, got a very special treat for you. This is a level three ceramic plate. It was donated by a buddy of mine and remains nameless. But today I’m going to test this a thorough test. We’re going to go all the way from my little Emerson pocket knife, then my Sabertooth, and then a Tonto tipped knife.

So we’re going to start small and then I’m going to jump to the Sabertooth and then we’ll hit it with this. Just see what we end up with here as far as I don’t expect to get through it. Obviously, I expect it to be crack. I expect it to break. We’ll see what happens. This is a new test for me, something I’ve never been able to do before. So the first test is going to be with this little Emerson pocket knife, which, you know, really light, but it does have a little bit of penetration force.

So it’s going to be up close. First of all, what I’m going to do is just get a straight cut in here with this. Let’s try this out. Oh, look at that. So the first shot broke the tip of my Emerson, which is fine, but we got, and oh, and there’s the tip right there. It’s the tip is actually in the or is actually in the plate, uh, buried in it and stuck in it. So that’s cool. So that stopped that. It looks like I got to fix an Emerson and which is fine for testing. All right.

Next test I’m going to use is either 5160 or S3V Steel, the old buddy of mine that you probably all know makes this night. And I’m going to test in close quarters also honestly.

Here you go. Holy mackerel. It chipped that blade too. That’s ceramic man. Oh man. Look at that.

So what I want to do now, I cut this open with my CRKT, a Jeff Park design knife. I actually got this from him personally out of his pocket, which is a really cool thing. So it looks like if we cut this apart, we’ve got some serious foam, looks like a little bit of foam protection additive there.

Let’s see what we got here. Ok, that’ll come off. So let’s cut that open and look. We’re doing a little science class here today on this ceramic plate.

It chipped both of my knives. Those are really hard knives so I expected that. But I do want to see the damage that we’re talking about. Wow, there it is. Look at that. So all it did was just chip it. There’s a couple of pieces. I mean, the ways you can see that’s exciting. Look at this. There’s a couple of pieces of steel embedded in this ceramic plate.

Let’s look in the light. You can see right there, there’s some steel from my knife. Look at that. Oh, man. That is something else. Look at that. So, yeah, now what we’re going to do is shoot it with my 65 Grindle, see what happens. So I fully expect it to not go through. But we’re going to get back a little ways, it’ll be on my next IGTV video. So that’s awesome. Yes. Crazy stuff.

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