Knife Throwing vs Ballistic Dummy Head

All right, guys, so I’ve been waiting for this one. Ballistic dummy lab has sent me one of their super-awesome ballistic dummy heads.

They have a few different types, but they’ve sent me one with the full anatomical skull. And it’s pretty gnarly, man. It’s got some schwack to it. So we’re going to give it a little bit of a test. We’re going to do it my way if I get a sabertooth through it. What do you guys think? Oh, hold on. Let’s take look at that. Oh, wow, look at that. So it crowned him. It slid all the way under the skin. I want to get some good meat on him. That was a cool shot, though, we’ll see if we can get it better.

Oh, wow, man, oh, man. So it didn’t come through, but you can see it’s exited into the jawbone right through your cheekbone and it’s had enough inertia to drive through. I’m not satisfied with that. I want to hit him in the head. So let’s see.

Oh, that’s tight. Wow! That feels a lot like bone if you’ve ever had any of that under your blade. Skinned him again. Look at that. I had been trying to bring it down into right here, and I have hit here once and here again, and well, he’s going to need some stitches.

Oh. Oh, wow, look at that, guys, that oh, getting bled on, so that is a ballistic dummy labs head. I’d venture to say I’m probably less than a half an inch away from the other side there. Wow. That’s really cool. So I hit him pretty hard in the face. I put one in his brain cavity pretty good. I got a couple of really hardy skinning shots and then I got one, figured I’d turn his head sideways and see what I could do.

And that is a saber tooth buried in an anatomically correct full of. Yeah, something, brother I appreciate you. Very cool, I’m going to save what’s left of this and we’ll get some more fun with it later.

So that was the headshot I was looking for. It’s a little bit underspun and we’ve been abusing this guy.

Oh, that’s a hard skull, that thing absorbs penetration much like live bone, because live bone and dead bone have different densities altogether. Look at this, open wide. Wow, that’s something.

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