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My name is Jason Johnson and I’m a professional combat knife thrower. I’ve been through knives since I was about 10 years old, growing up in a small town, you did nothing to do and it just kind of came to the point I found a knife and started throwing it to watch too many Sunday movie marathons and martial arts movies when I was a kid.

I kind of came out of the woodwork like two years ago, nobody really knew who I was and I throw different than everybody else. I do it a bit different. I’m a combat knife thrower.

Combat knife throwing is instinctive knife throwing. Being able to hit what you’re looking at without second-guessing the military half-spin throwing would be something that is very similar to my style. A military half-spin started with bayonets and bayonets, have those handles that can’t throw it on the handle because you have the flares.

But military half-spin throwing it would throw by the blade so their bayonets by the blade and that translates into a lot of what I do.

So these are a lot of my favorite types of knives that I throw. This is a Bullseye Blades Trapper, a real cool knife for rotational throwing, like I said, can be thrown and he takes away some knives we have for no spin throwing. Again, this can be thrown any way, any way with anything that’s got a point, you can throw it.

This is a 16th-century replica of a Shuriken throwing star. I’ll teach people to start throwing with something like this. If you don’t have to worry about how you’re throwing it, let me teach you the body mechanics of how to do it.

You don’t need to have a special knife. I use some of these knives for these are my combat throwing knives. But you don’t need them.

I got friends that are competition shooters that are dying to learn knife throwing. I mean, it’s just kind of something that there’s something inherently built in a human structure to throw something.

That being said, since I’ve been in knife throwing, I haven’t had the influence of other people until I started going to competitions. There are doctors and executives and people that you wouldn’t think got all kinds of walks of life that are getting into it.

The knife-throwing community is such a great group of people. You can ask for a better, better group.

15 thoughts on “proknifethrower Jason Johnson Introduction”

  1. As always! Never disappointed, you are a very talented individual and I appreciate your content very much. Stay awesome! 🤘

  2. Claudine Purdue

    Jason, your videos are always amazing! Thank you for all you do for the knife throwing community!! Look forward to meeting you one day 👊🏼

  3. This is definitely one of my personal goals to be able to be a proud owner of one of these beautiful pieces of artworks. Proknifethrower has a lot of valuable information to learn.

  4. I assume I can throw a knife faster than I can run and catch you, so I better start learning how to throw!👊

  5. Clarence Simmons

    If you get a chance to train with Jason by all means do. He’s an excellent instructor and he’ll have you hitting the target in no time.
    As for his Sabertooth line of knives, they are sleek, sturdy and well made. It’s definitely an every day carry knife and it also looks so sweet!

  6. I’m looking forward to when I can study with you. You got mad skills. I never would have thought that a thrown knife is more powerful than a hand-driven knife. That video you of the ballistic head is eye-opening (no pun intended). Good stuff.

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