How to Build a Knife-Throwing Target

What’s up, guys, Jason Johnson here filming with Rated Red. We’re going to do some knife throwing.

First, we got to build some targets. Today we’re going to build a wall target like we use in a lot of stage shows, pretty cost-effective and super easy. So these are all pretty simple targets to build. I’m just using two by eight, so I cut them down to seven feet just so it’s not so much taller than I am. So basically what we do here set this up like a wall.

A lot of times they use targets like this for stage throwing. You’re seeing silhouette throwing when they throw around people. These are real nice of their mobile. They don’t last forever, but it’s nice and easy to build. So what I like to do is put a z-brace in here and this just holds it laterally. So it doesn’t fall apart.

And basically, all you’re doing is laying these out seven feet and build the frame for the back. OK, so you got your zip frame built. You got your two by sixes laid out. Get it put together similar to this. Take it, we’ll stand it up then what you’re going to do is you’re going to put your boards down like this. You might have somebody hold it because it’ll be a little easier. So it doesn’t fall over on you and I’m going to screw these together. Screws work nice so you can take it down and move it. You put both on each side and you’re going to put a forty-five degree brace front the back. All right, guys, we’re all set ready to throw some knives at this target. But I think we want to paint it up first, make it look pretty. So, yeah, you’re all good to go.

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