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America's Combat Knife Thrower, Blade Concept and Design Consultant and Educator. Jason Johnson's authority in the edged weapons arena is well-respected. An accidental social media celebrity, Jason Johnson is best known for his unconventional, yet remarkably effective implemented throwing systems.

A patriot and Nebraska native, Jason Johnson lives a life in pursuit of the balance between his craft and philosophy. A diligent student of martial science, logic, and combat systems, Jason Johnson is the real deal. An American-made original, blending generations of tradition and logical delivery with an unapologetic method.

Jason Johnson has rapidly earned accolades and respect from peers and contemporaries, alike, and is in-demand for seminars and masterclasses worldwide.


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great craftmanship

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justin s.
justin s.
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Very solid product! AND the pen works great! Not cheap feeling in the hands and the pocket clip is VERY sturdy

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Knife Throwing Videos

What do you say about a man who can draw a knife and hit a moving target with supernatural accuracy in under one second? Most simply say, “Holy shit.”

Jason Johnson isn’t a man who does things for recognition. He does things because of the past, for the future.

Some say throwing a sword is impractical. Perhaps…

What's up, guys, so I know a lot of you guys have been asking for me to throw the sword. So let's make it happen. Traditionally, the sword was thrown ...

Too close for comfort – The honeybadger

What's up, guys, so I've had a few questions concerning the application of combat knife throwing in close quarters, and today we're going to go over the Honey Badger treatment. ...

Knife Throwing vs Bullet Proof Vest

And this test you're about to see on a bulletproof vest was given to me by an officer friend of mine so we can ballistically test the physics of what ...

Knife Throwing Instinctive One Spin Tutorial Level 1

Guys, I figured I'd post a real quick instinctive one spin tutorial video. A guy asked me to do it and I'd be more than happy. So instinctively, I'm just ...

The No Spin Knife Throwing Tutorial Secrets

I'm going to give you guys the no spin tutorial secrets. Certain no spin has to be done with a certain knife, meaning if a knife gets too long, you ...

Knife vs Golf Ball

I've always wanted to do a knife versus a golf ball. Because the Tomahawk is pretty easy but let's see what we got here. I got a birdie. There's ball ...

World’s fastest knife thrower VS world’s fastest shooter

Hey, guys, I'm Jerry Miculek, I got Jason Johnson here, the world's fastest knife thrower, and we've got a target set up. So we're going to go head to head ...

How to Build a Knife-Throwing Target

What's up, guys, Jason Johnson here filming with Rated Red. We're going to do some knife throwing. First, we got to build some targets. Today we're going to build a ...

Knife Throwing vs Computer

So my buddy C2G Fabrication sent me a laptop and we're going to destroy it with a Sabertooth. If you guys got something you want me to destroy, I would ...

Knife Throwing VS Level 3 Ceramic Plate

What's up guys, proknifethrower. Today, got a very special treat for you. This is a level three ceramic plate. It was donated by a buddy of mine and remains nameless. ...

proknifethrower Jason Johnson Introduction

My name is Jason Johnson and I'm a professional combat knife thrower. I've been through knives since I was about 10 years old, growing up in a small town, you ...

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